Saturday, June 11, 2011


This blog is supposed to be for the fun and enjoyment of everyone and more especially for Baby Boomer Pirates like myself, who may be sort of retired but oddly enough are not independently wealthy. I think all of us have certain acronyms that strike a bit of fear in our hearts. I only listed three. Please fill in more.

1. The very first one that pops into my mind is the IRS (Internal Revenue Service for those pretending not to be afraid). It is my true belief that if the very skilled Seal Team Six had not gotten Osama Bin Laden, the IRS would be the next U.S. group to be successful. He had to have some money here and you can believe they knew about it. They have been writing to my mother since she died; we returned the letters stating DECEASED, so now they are writing to her as Her Name Deceased. Unbelievable.

2. Many people in their 40's, 50's and even us in our 60's have a fear of the AARP (which by the way is one of the strongest lobbies in Washington). How many people who are eligible, reading this, have not joined? Show of hands. No, me either. Why, they somehow creep you out don't they. They know when you turn 50 almost before you do. They seem almost as good as group #1 (above) in finding you no matter how many times in your life you have moved. Yet, they mean no harm. They want to give you discounts. They put the "boss" (Bruce that is) on the cover of their magazine. I find usually the AAA (not too fearful) give better hotel discounts, but I will always look at AARP. They're the grim reaper of acronyms. They don't have DEATH in their name, American Association of Retired People, but they somehow smell a little of it.

3. Well at 61 I'm in the fourth quarter of life I would guess so I look at little askance at RIP. I hope it will be in peace but not for a long long time. That is one acronym that can stay away as along as possible.

Please I need more add any that strike fear in your heart.


  1. heheheee!!! I am totally creeped out when I get stuff from the AARP! I ain't old. Quit mailing me stuff! At least until I am too old to get to the mail box. LoL =)


  2. The Canadian equivalent to IRS is CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). They perform at the same high level of effectiveness that the IRS apparently does (eternally threatening dead folks) and they can do it in both English AND French.

  3. Oh that IRS. Silly bin Laden comment, irritating lack of human touch regarding your Mama.

    Acronyms I'm afraid of - would have to go with monstrous conglomerates that buy other acronyms like AOL and ABC - phone companies like AT&T - and maybe incomprehensible stock markets that bounce up and down much more than the average citizen can stomach. (What rational person would buy and sell with their own money at the rate that Wall Street does? Risk-seekers and the authority to trade oodle of money clearly are not a match made in heaven for the economy at large.)

  4. Yep, I'm not fond of any of those, either. I can add a few, I think.

    CCOA (Christian Coalition of America): Those people freak me out more than a little bit.

    NRA (National Rifle Association): Um, yeah.

    FOX (as in FOX News): *shivers*


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