Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tonight, on the eve of my 62nd birthday, I have enumerated how the world has made me feel incredibly old since I turned 60. Mind you, most of this activity happened after I turned 60 and after I allowed my hair to return to its natural beautiful white/gray shade.

1. I have suddenly became "hon" to most waitstaff that I run into and I have noted that even men in my age group have been referred to as the same. Also "sweetie" has come up more than I would like. If you are waitstaff, I know you mean to be polite, but it hits below the belt.

2. I have become invisible to anyone under say 47 and definitely anyone below 35. This is actually not a bad thing as I get to hear some interesting conversations. Also, I believe that boomers of my age group would make excellent spies for this very reason. We are just not there.

3. I get a senior discount; this is not at all bad and so not a complaint, just a sign.

4. I will start getting Social Security next month which is also not bad, that is assuming the government is in business at that time.

5. Lately in fiction that I have been reading, more than one author has identified a woman over 60 as an "old" woman. Oddly I think of an "old" woman as someone over 90, but I guess it's just perception.

6. Friends of my age group do not seem older or really any different than they did were when we were 20 and that includes my husband. Perhaps we have a few more physical complaints, but not really many. Interestingly the world does not believe it.

7. Younger people are amazed sometimes that I wear bizarre sneakers and know about TV shows and music that they like. Hello, we are in the same world and our generation was always on top of things.

8. Finally, even though I will be 62 in about 10 minutes, I don't feel it, however I guess I don't know what it should feel like. I have the same brain (for what it's worth), sense of humor and sense of fun that I've always had. I'll bet a lot of my faithful blog readers feel the same way.



  1. First of all, happy birthday! :O)

    As far as the old thing, I totally get it, and I'm still 49. I don't feel different inside than I did decades ago. My exterior is beginning to show some wear and tear, but that's just 'wrapping.' I'm letting my white hair grow in, after a decade of coloring it (I love it!), I've developed a gut, and the girls are heading a little further south each year.

    Whatever. I'm still me. The world can think whatever it wants.

  2. That's a great list. I especially like #2; being invisible can be a good thing.

  3. I can relate! I'm 57 and although my mind and spirit are not aligned to my chronological age, my daily aches and pains are. I move much more slowly (read: carefully) when I get out of bed, perform a task or daily chores, etc. But I get the job done! Take care...


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