Monday, January 30, 2012

THANKS TO Elaine Kehoe at TEA LEAVES for this award

Now to the hard part of receiving an award, coming up with seven things about myself for the world to read.  Here goes: 

1.  I am a pirate at heart and mind and enjoy doing all sorts of things.  I am also an old pirate. 

2.  Believe it or not I've been married for 37 years and spawned a beautiful, accomplished daughter, who has given us 3 great grandchildren, and my always interesting son, himself a pirate. (see RI PIRATE PLAYERS). 

3.  I've had many strange and interesting jobs over the years, not the least being my 16 years as an attorney.  I've also had some real boring ones, but always seemed to be surrounded by interesting people. 

4.  I do a lot of sort of things like:  sort of play the piano, sort of knit (see PIRATE KNITTING), sort of write and sort of get paid.  

5.  I've been sort of blogging for a few years and have met some great people and read some really nice things throughout blog challenges, GBE2, Blog Park etc.  

6.  You meet many people in 62 years, some of who are friends for a time, some drift away and some stay as friends forever.  I am lucky to have at least 3 of those friends forever (BFF), one of whom is my husband. 

7.  I have been lucky in many things and am gambling that luck continues. 

Now the good part, my nominees for this award:

Frizzy (what is your name?):

Mary Anne:

Beth (of course and always):

Joyce Paull Lansky:

Jo Heroux:

November Rain:

Claudia Moser:

Laurie Peel:

Langley Cornwall:

Jenn Duffy-Pearson:

Gill Taber:


  1. You are really sweet to give this to me!! I can't wait til my blog make-over is done so I can add it to my site!! Thank you so much, I'm very honored.

  2. Hah, I love #4, Pam--that's me, too! And as for #6, I'm assuming I'm one of the 3, since we've been friends for forty years (wow, how can that be?)

  3. Thanks so much for giving me this award! I'll proudly display it on my blog. :)

  4. Thank you! You'll always be my favorite pirate. :O)

  5. Taken me ages, but I finally got to this. Thanks so much, Pam *hug* Now to try and decide who to give it to!

  6. Oh, cool! You nominated me. I have a few awards waiting for me to act upon, but I've gotten too busy. I appreciate you thinking of me none-the-less.


  7. Thank you Pirate, it was very sweet of you to think of me. I still have a few to share with others, which means researching those I do not know, because most of the ones I do know have passed the pie around :-) Sweet strawberry pie!

  8. One good turn deserves another :-) Here's a blog badge designed just for you... from this here Rain Scallywag ;-)

  9. THANK YOU! I absolutely love it and am posting it right now.

  10. Congrats on your award! Good luck with A-Z. I look forward to your posts.

  11. Hi Pirate! I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge, getting a head start on finding some great new blogs. Nice to meet you! Love the pirate theme here!


  12. I can't say I've ever met a real life pirate before, but I'm glad you found my blog so I could find yours. Everything you share is fun, often funny and sincere. You seem like a great person. I enjoyed learning about you.


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